The Loft Machine

Claudio Divizia, Silvia Crisman

Psychedelic observations on a concept for a modular building by the same authors, 2006
This version is tuned to a British public: maisonette units with living room and kitchen downstairs and bedrooms upstairs; either terraced houses or living towers possible using the same modules; three apartment sizes for singles / couples / families or groups. We're looking forward to develop this concept - through a series of mutations - into a real building eventually. Since the main reinforced concrete structure is two-storeys high with large spans without pillars inside while intermediate flooring is obtained through a lighter steel or wood structure, users can freely design theirs own apartments. All dimensions are based on a standard 60 cm (roughly 2 ft) module. Using different skins and colour schemes - the one shown here is a multi-coloured 'swinging-sixties' inspired skin - everything changes and very different buildings may result. But in the end users will always be able to say 'The Pink One!' - if they want to.

Osservazioni psichedeliche su un concetto per un edificio modulare degli stessi autori, 2006