Milton Keynes

Claudio Divizia, Silvia Crisman, Gabriele Del Buono, Gwladys Martini

Europan competition, UK, 2007
Britain has a great tradition of prefabrication dating back from the time of post-war reconstruction. While available technologies at the time didn't allow a wider permanent use, they helped raising interest in modularity. Eventually, using the Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) technology is like teaching an old cat new tricks: the same sweet level of details which was possible in post-war prefabs is now underpinned by state of the art materials and technologies; this is the proper solution for a modern low carbon house. Variety can be achieved through the use of different panels, so each future expansion will have its own character. However impossible, here new brutalism meets pictoresque. Variety is possible within each block as well: owners may customise their own house and garden. Dwellings are connected by elevated walkways which serve both as pedestrian ways and access to the upper level dwellings. A similar panelised system is used in the nursery/primary school where each area - nursery, Y12, Y34 and Y56 - is colour coded. Each block has a direct link to the outside playing fields.

Concorso Europan, UK, 2007