Decatur Modern

Silvia Crisman, Gabriele Del Buono, Claudio Divizia, Gwladys Martini

Decatur Modern Design Challenge, Atlanta, Georgia, US, 2007
Being asked to design a single family detached home for generic lots ranging from 25 to 40 with a generous available height of 35, we decided to design a home which fits in the smallest lot and then to improve features for larger ones. Although maximum allowed building area for this category was 25 by 50, we refrained from using it all: by limiting to 16 by 50 the remaining area serves as a much needed garden area. The distribution of windows and wall masses on elevations is loosely based on Fibonacci series (0 1 1 2 3 5 8 ...). This provides an inconscious sense of order while allowing for visual variety: a carefully careless layout which is neither annoyingly rigid - such as symmetry - nor completely casual.

Concorso Decatur Modern, Atlanta, Georgia, US, 2007